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Is Lymphedema Surgery Safe?

Lymphedema can present ongoing concerns for a person. In many cases, surgery eventually becomes an option to explore. Modern lymphedema procedures are generally considered very safe, whereas surgical techniques of the past were relatively unsuccessful and risky. This is because older procedures were ablative, meaning that they removed large amounts of skin and deep tissue. […]

Answering Important Questions about Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a relatively obscure topic, even in the healthcare community. In the absence of direct knowledge, patients may not understand their symptoms. Unfortunately, not all doctors understand them either. In our office at Keck Medicine, we like to educate patients about lymphedema and what it may mean for them after their accurate diagnosis. Here, […]

Headache Surgery

Are Chronic Headaches a Symptom of Occipital Neuralgia?

Many people have heard of migraine headaches and, even if they’ve never experienced one, they realize that they don’t want to. The person who experiences chronic headaches or migraines may be more likely to hear another term, occipital neuralgia, if they consult with a specialist about their condition. Occipital neuralgia may be an underlying cause […]

Why Breast Revision Surgery Requires the Help of a Specialist

When a woman undergoes breast augmentation surgery, she is much more focused on the benefits her procedure will provide than on the possibility that she may need another surgery in the future. Secondary breast surgery is called breast revision surgery. It may be needed for several different reasons, which we will discuss here, along with […]

Breast Reconstruction and the Matter of Symmetry

It is easy to assume that the goal of breast reconstruction is to restore the breast mound. While this is true, there is much more to it than recreating volume where tissue has been removed. For a woman to achieve her desired outcome from breast reconstruction, the surgeon must also address the matter of symmetry. […]

Brest enhancement | Katen Patel

Common Questions about Life after Breast Reconstruction

When facing the prospect of mastectomy and breast cancer treatment, a patient is digesting more information than they may at any other time in life. There are many variables, numerous office visits, and a lot of detailed information being discussed. Inevitably, patients find that they have questions even once their process has begun, sometimes even […]

Understanding Breast Reconstruction

A breast cancer diagnosis puts a lot on a woman’s plate. Not only is it necessary to grapple with the diagnosis itself but also to explore treatment options. Breast cancer treatment, as well as the recovery from treatment, can be taxing both physically and emotionally. Breast reconstruction is often the light at the end of […]

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When is Surgery Needed for Lymphedema?

The swelling that occurs with lymphedema can be inhibiting. Proper care is necessary to support optimal quality of life. The question that many patients have about their swelling is what to expect in terms of treatment. Specifically, when might surgery be the next best step to reduce swelling? Generally, doctors take a nonsurgical approach to […]

Lymphedema Treatment Los Angeles, CA

Lymphedema vs. Lipedema: A Distinction We Need to Make

Exaggerated swelling of the arms or legs is often referred to simply as edema. However, various factors may influence this swelling. Two common medical disorders that may develop are lymphedema and lipedema (or lipoedema). Because treatment is a vital aspect of resolving swollen extremities, it is necessary to distinguish these conditions from one another. Lymphedema […]

Lymphedema Screenings Important After Surgical Procedures

Lymphedema is the build-up of lymph fluid in tissues that results in swelling. It has been estimated that more than 3 million Americans experience this condition. However, due to a variety of measurement techniques, most research data is unclear about clear lymphedema rates. More than knowing the widespread statistics, what matters to our patients is […]

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